About Me

March 10th, 2013

claire 9

I am passionate about counselling and how it can help you. I am an approachable and empathic counsellor who is genuine and non judgmental. I bring a warmth and a freedom from jargon into the counselling room.

My belief is that counselling can help people make sense of their lives, especially when they are struggling, and lets face it, everybody struggles at times!
I have been a counsellor for over 15 years seeing many, many people for a wide variety of problems. I have worked with individuals, couples, people who need short term work (6 sessions) and people who I have supported for much longer.

I have worked in GP surgeries, schools and colleges as well as the Guildford Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre as counsellor, assessor and training co- ordinator. I taught counselling at a F.E college and trained others in related fields such as abuse, anger and communication.

I am  fully qualified, BACP accredited and supervise other counsellors. I am constantly learning and keep up to date with latest research.

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