Couples Counselling

March 10th, 2013


Couples counselling

All relationships go through difficult times. It’s how, as a couple, we handle them that can make a difference. Usually, couples think about entering into counselling when years of resentment and bitterness have built up. Are any of these factors affecting you?

Having children

Blended families / second relationships / Step children

Financial difficulties


Inequality of power

Sexual difficulties

You may be experiencing some of the following:

After a conversation you feel misunderstood

Fear of bringing a subject up in case it makes things worse


Conversations that go feel they go around and around in circles


What I can offer?:

Listening to both partners without judging

Understanding the underlying feelings beneath the presenting problems

Helping to change fixed patterns of relating

Supporting you both in the strengths that you have to find a solution or a compromise that is right for you


Give me a call and come in for a first session and see if I can help.

01934 643740 or 07742543190

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