March 10th, 2013

Is what I say confidential?

Confidentiality is very important so anything you say is in confidence but obviously if you are at risk of harm to self or others, it may be necessary to talk to a third party. This is very rare. I do not provide reports or notes for outside agencies

How long do the sessions last?

60 minutes

How many sessions will I need?

I ask for you to work with me for at least 6 sessions. Short term therapy lasts, typically, between 6 to 12 sessions.Some people stay a lot longer, others spread appointments out to have ongoing support.Everyone is different, but we review regularly and you can say what you feel you need in order to support you in the best way.

What happens if I miss an appointment?

If you have to re schedule before 24 hours we can re arrange another time- if it’s within the 24 hours I will charge £10 cancellation fee

How do I pay for the sessions?

The cost is £50 for individuals and £60 for couples. (initial appointment for individuals is £25.You can pay by cash, cheque as you attend them or transfer BACS before each session.

I am worried you won’t be able to offer me the time I want?

I know people have busy lives yet I have a very flexible diary and work evenings and occasional Saturdays.  I will always try to  find a time that suits.

Where are you?

I work from a comfortable and private room just off Locking Road about one mile from the centre of Weston- Super- Mare. I am on a bus route and about half a mile away from the railway station


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